Putting models into Gems (not plugins)

Hi, we internally are creating gems out of particular sets of models, both to share them among multiple Rails apps, but also to use them within background scripts.

If possible, I'd like for the models to function with ActiveRecord/ ActiveSupport as the only dependencies and not require a full Rails environment. This is for the purposes of our background jobs which use the same set of models. This way it becomes much easier to create and modularize the background processes as they aren't dependent on the full Rails environment.

I've run into a number of different problems trying to homebrew this sort of thing. The latest comes from me trying to give each set of models its own migrations table so that I can use many of them with the same database.

Has someone put together a good solution for this? I've been hobbling along with my own monkeypatches to things like ActiveRecord::Migrator and so far this has proven a rather cumbersome solution.

The latest problem I've encountered was on our CI server only: I'm getting a "No database selected" error after the test database is purged and it's calling "SHOW TABLES". For some reason everything works just dandy locally.

There's still some discussion on the best way to do that - see this ticket:


--Matt Jones