put rack folder in vendo folder

or in general how to put gems there? I have a patch to apply to "rack/
methodoverride.rb" but I can't find it...
how can I copy rack in vendor and not modify the system wide file?
the rake gems:unpack or install don't work...

? it should, but regardless -- just copy the gem's directory into your
application's vendor/gems directory.

rake gems:unpack:dependencies is the best option here! It ensures all
of the dependent gems are also installed.

Rack is loaded before the vendor gems are loaded though so if you're
trying to run a rails app in an environment that doesn't have Rack 1.0
installed you're going to have issues.

Do you have the option to install gems on the server?



the point is that I wanted to patch rack. I have it installed on the
server but can't edit it of course!