Pull request nag for PostgreSQL auto-reconnect fix

Hi all,

A while ago, I posted a pull request for PostgreSQL auto-reconnect, got some feedback on that, went back and tried again. I have had a second pull request up for quite a while now including tests that reveal the failure to reconnect (still broken or re-broken after #6477) and a fix for that problem.

This fixes a currently open issue for my employer if I can get it accepted and subsequently get that applied to the Rails versions our applications are using.

I'm still waiting to have my pull request accepted or rejected.

Since you didn't actually link to it, you mean https://github.com/rails/rails/pull/6654 right?

You can always use bundler to apply your patch to Rails and use it until it gets merged or not.

Yes that’s the link. Sorry I omitted it.

I know I can just use the patch. Seems best to get the test coverage into the Rails core ASAP though, so the functionality doesn’t keep getting re-broken in new ways, and I don’t have to keep writing new fixes.