Public folder simple question

Hi to all,

I've a simple question:

does it possible to change the public folder address based on database value into application controller ?

This because I must handle a multidomain rails application and I must separate the public folders for each different domain...

Thanks in advance...

Hello Gianluca

I would think that each sub domain would have it's own directory?
Does this thread help?


Hi Dave,

thanks for your reply,

I read the thread but I don’t understand how to solve the problem.

I have only one rails app that serves up multiple domains (eg.
, and so on, all point to the same rails
app) and every time I put a request on static resource
(images/stylesheets/etc) the rails app must handle the resource under
different folder (for security reasons, every single domain
administrator can handle its own static resources…).
One possible solution is to use config.controller.asset_host but seems
that it does’nt work for me because I know the called domain name only
into application controller using request.domain…
Can you help me ?

Sorry Gianluca, it's an area that I don't know enough about. I'm just
starting to play with setting up multiple domains into a single rails
app, so I need to figure it out.
Please let me know if you've had any success. You can email me if you
like at dfdumaresq at gmail dot com.


See this article and the comments below it...

-- gw (