Prototype Helper Method Name Clash


I am using Open Flash Charts ( chart/) in a rails project.

Once the flash movie is loaded the dom element of the movie supports a javascript function called "reload" to allow you to get the flash movie to reload a url that supplies chart data. This is a cool feature and I want to use it to make switching between chart data really responsive.

I have set up some link_to_remote links that call a controller method that contains a simple inline rjs statement to call the "reload" function on the dom id of the flash movie:

def reload_data   render(:update) { |page| page[params[:chart_id]].reload(params[:data_path])} end

This is where I found that the JavaScriptElementProxy class in the prototype helper contains a "reload" method - which hides the native reload function on the dom element.

My question: How can I bypass the JavaScriptElementProxy methods without hacking the ActionPack code.

Of course I could skip the Ajax links and just do pure client side onclick events, but I would like to know how do deal with the issue I have found.

Thanks in advance rail dudes...