Prototype.Browser has no properties

I'm trying to open a new url in an ajax window. I'm using prototype-window (, and keep getting this error

Prototype.Browser has no properties

Here are some snipets from my app code

//layout/default.rhtml <= javascript_include_tag :defaults %> <= javascript_include_tag 'window' > <= javascript_include_tag 'window_effects' > <= stylesheet_link_tag 'spread' %>

//index.rhtml <%= link_to_remote 'pop', :url => {:action => 'do_magic'} %>

//do_magic.rjs page << "var win = new Window({className: 'spread', title: 'Ruby on Rails', top:70, left:100, width:300, height:200, url:'', showEffectOptions:{duration:1.5}})" page << ";"

Does anyone know how I can get this working?

I had the same error and found that my prototype.js file was out of date. Get the latest version and you should be fine.