protect_from_forgery and search engines

Dear all,

I'm using protect_from_forgery on my site but this prevents search
engines from GETing some pages as protect_from_forgery requires a
session to be present.The error is:

ActionView::TemplateError occurred in home#index:

Request Forgery Protection requires a valid session. Use
#allow_forgery_protection to disable it, or use a valid session.
On line #33 of analyses/new.erb

   31: <div id="uploadbox">
   32: <%= error_messages_for "bill" %>
   33: <%- form_for(@bill, :url => analyses_path, :html =>
{:multipart => true}) do |f| %>
   34: <%= f.label "PDF upload:" %><br />
   36: <div class="fileinputs">

Is there a way to skip before filters? Or am I missing something?

With kind regards,