Proposal to run spell check on GItHub Actions


This is a proposal related to

I see many Pull Requests fixing typos in documents. This can be done mostly automatically by machines.

I found there’s a good tool to find misspells.

If we can run this tool on CI, we can reduce the number of Pull Requests just fixing typos.

As someone who has commit to the project merging in spelling corrections takes almost no time. I don’t think getting fewer of these PRs would be a huge net win (others with commit might disagree). As an occasional writer of features and docs, it would be nice to get feedback right away that I had made an error, but I find spell checking for technical documentation to be very error-prone. I usually turn it off for my editors due to the sheer volume of false spelling flags. If we did adopt some kind of a spell checker I would want it to be more for information purposes than as a hard blocker. If the accuracy looks good then we could eventually make it mandatory.

Hi Richard,

I understand your concern. I’m not really familiar with spell checking on technical documents, so I’d like to stop this discussion here. If I get more familiar with how to introduce informational spell checker, I’ll come to give a proposal again.

Hi friends, in case it’s relevant, i’ve recently built a source-code focused spell checker in ruby designed to be part of CI pipelines

While I agree we should try to avoid typos in our codebase.

Fixing typos It is a very easy and low barrier way to get new contributors, and I think this kind of contribution is very welcome, so I’d prefer to not discourage or even remove the possibility of people to submit typo PRs.

Maybe, someday, someone start with a PR to fix a typo ( and end up in the top of this list