Properly Setting up Rails Associations for "Favoriting" Items

I’m writing my first Rails app and I’m stuck at the database level. I have 2 models: User and Mission. They are connected very unremarkably like so:

User has_many :missions, dependent: :destroy
Mission belongs_to :user

I would like other users to be able to interact with missions by either: liking them and/or marking them as completed

This is all very vanilla stuff here, but I’m struggling with adding this additional layer of interaction into the models.

I started by creating a table Connection with attributes user_id mission_id liked:booleancompleted:boolean

I added the following:

User has_many :connections, dependent: :destroy
Connection belongs_to :user
Connection belongs_to :mission

Do I need a has_many :through relationship? I’m trying to preserve the ownership between a User and a Mission ( belongs_to association ). I’m reading about polymorphic associations and am wondering if they are applicable? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Since each mission belongs to just one user you can achieve what you
want just by adding the liked and completed booleans to the missions
table. You do not need another table.