problems with RJS

Hey all, I'm trying to replace a select with text_field by clicking on a link_to_remote with RJS. This part work, but then when I try to replace the text_field back by the select tag it doesn't work in firefox (it does work in IE and Safari though).

Here is the code in my view:

<p><label for="shooting_production">Production:</label><br/> <div id='production'><%= select_tag 'production','' %> <%= link_to_remote 'add another production',:url=>{:action=>'addtextfields',:type=>'production'} %></div></p>

and here is the code in my controller (one function to replace the select by a textfield and another one to repoace the textfield by a select):

def addtextfields render :update do |page| page[params[:type]].replace_html text_field_tag(params[:type])+link_to_remote(' cancel',:url=>{:action=>'canceltextfield',:type=>params[:type]})


    def canceltextfield       @type=params[:type]       @collection=User.find :all       render :update do |page| page[params[:type]].replace_html select_tag(params[:type],@collection.collect {|c| [c.login,] })+link_to_remote('add another production',:url=>{:action=>'addtextfields',:type=>params[:type]})       end     end

Any idea what's wrong?

Thanx in advance