Problems with pluralization...and active record.find

Created a new model 'klasse' using scaffold, which was pluralised to
'klasses', which I don't want!
Removed all concerning 'klasse' and 'klasses' in the model.
Added inflection "inflect.irregular 'klasse', 'klassen'" to
Recreated model again using scaffold.

URL: http://localhost:3000/klassen fails with the following:

Mysql::Error: #42S02Table 'schule_development.klasses' doesn't exist:
SELECT * FROM `klasses`

Seems rails is still hanging onto 'klasses' somewhere, but where?

Any ideas anyone?


Seems like you still have the older migration (klasses) applied to your

Reapply the migration

rake db:migrate VERSION=0
rake db:migrate

Ganesh Gunasegaran.
SageWork - Simplify IT(

My bad, please ignore my previous message. Did you restart the server after adding your custom inflection rule.

Ganesh Gunasegaran.
SageWork - Simplify IT(

Did you check all the files created by your scaffold, including the
migrations? Also if you change the inflections, you should restart
your environment (stop/start the server) before they are applied.

Great, that was it. Thanks.