problems with link_to_remote and send_file

Hi everyone,

I working on an app that at some point generates an xls report(charts,
summary lines, etc) and sends it to the user.
If i use link_to everything works fine; however when change to
link_to_remote so i can make an ajax call it doesn;t seam to work ( i
do not get the save/open dialog box)

def exp_to_excel_2003
@filepath = "#{RAILS_ROOT}/public/files/Metrics Report.xls"
      send_file(@filepath ,
      :disposition => 'attachment',
      :filename => "Metrics Reports.xls",
      :encoding => 'utf8',
      :type => 'application/octet-stream')

Can anyone help?! Any input is appreciated.

Thank you,

I'm looking for a way to do this as well. The closest example I've found
is this method to play an mp3 file inline with link_to_remote:

Haven't found a simple solution that does what we're looking for though.