problems with calendar_date_select

<% form_for @booking do |f| %>
<%= calendar_date_select_tag "datecome", "#{}", :popup =>
"force",:year_range => [0.years.ago, 1.years.from_now] %>

I just updated to Revision 333 (calendar_date_select) and prototype
Sometime datecome is empty, sometimes it is set.

I also tried:

<%= calendar_date_select_tag "datecome", "#{}", :popup =>
            :year_range => [0.years.ago, 1.years.from_now],
            :name => "[booking][datecome]" %>

but this does not work, too.

Can somebody help?

That plugin has a good amount of documentation. Have you checked out -

I already read it - without success.
I switched to

...and it looks much more confortable to me.