probleme with image_tag

i want to display a image in the view:
<%= image_tag("#{RAILS_ROOT}/public/images/freinds/
user"+@users['id'].to_s+".png") %>
in the view i just see a small square to mark to place pf the
image,but the pic dont display.
when i follow the url of the pic i have this:
and it say: No route matches "/home/delmed/servadmin/public/images/
the pic exesit in the folder.
what can i do please.

If your image is in the images folder under your public folder, you don’t need to include anything before the “images/” part of the URL. So you can just do this:

<%= image_tag(“freinds/user” + @users[‘id’].to_s + “.png”) %>

Also, you have “friends” spelled incorrectly. Not sure if that’s intentional or not.

thanks man,you realy help me :slight_smile:
for the freinds,its a mistake, i always write it like this :blush: