Problem with render :partial ... :collection


I 'm currently developing a fully ajaxified Portal with RoR for a

In the page, i have an In Place Editing Area :
Clicking on the area (div), replace it with a content coming from a
Partial (i've extended the component InPlaceEditor from controls.js
for this)..This first Partial is called A

In this partial A.rhtml, i render a second 'inner' partial as :
render :partial=> 'display_row', :collection=>@my_collection

My 'display_row' inner partial includes the following code :
<div id='myrow'>
<div id='mycell1'>blah blah</div>
<div id='mycell2'>blah blah</div>
... my source here ....

But when testing in the browser, and checking generated code with
Firebug, i do not see any node <script> in my HTML page...seems to
have been skipped

This same 'display_row' inner partial is reused directly from RJS (in
the controller) :
render :update do |page|
      page.insert_html :bottom, "container", :partial => "display_row"

In this second case it works..i can see the node <script> in the
generated HTML

Are there limitations with partials rendered from another partial?



When rendering through partials, tags are stripped out of the resulting source and the javascript inside said tags is executed (unless of course evalScripts is set to false, default is obviously true).

I wouldn’t worry about it too much, though do make note that if you are trying to define a javascript function in a partial’s script tags, it most likely won’t work (at least, I haven’t figured out how). So in this case you need to define the function in the initial page HTML, or in javascript includes.



I suppose doing a Ruby helper on top of my Javascript won't help
In any case, the generated <script> tag will be stripped out