Problem with named routes

      I am facing a problem in while defining named routes
Here is my code in config/routes.rb

  map.addon '/addons',:controller => 'settings',:action => 'addons'
  map.demonstration '/demonstrations',:controller => 'settings',:action
=> 'demonstrations' '/supports',:controller => 'settings',:action =>
  map.overview '/overviews',:controller => 'settings','action' =>
'overviews' '/downloads' ,:controller => 'settings' ,'action' =>
  map.documentation '/documentations',:controller => 'settings',:action
=> 'documentations'

Now when I try to access the /overviews page I get the following errors
Unknown action

No action responded to index. Actions: addons, demonstrations,
documentations, downloads, overviews, and supports

so I ran rake routes and found that this

addon /addons {:action=>"addons",:controller=>"settings"}

demonstration /demonstrations {:action=>"demonstrations",

support /supports {:action=>"supports",:controller=>"settings"}

<b> overview /overviews {:action=>"index", :controller=>"settings",
"action"=>"overviews"} </b>

<b> download /downloads {:action=>"index", :controller=>"settings",
"action"=>"downloads"} </b>

documentation /documentations

Look that rake routes generated for '/overviews' and '/downloads' which
is weird in my sense

I have define named routes many times never such weird info in rake
routes neither the above error

Any help would be appreciated