Problem with link_to_remote/render_partial and :html

first off, the javascript_include_tag for prototype is redundant, as
prototype is included in the defaults.

second, try this

<div id="my_div">This will go away</div>
<%= link_to_remote "Do Magic", :url => {:action => "DoMagic"}) -%>

then in your controller:

def DoMagic
  render :update do |page|
    page.visual_effect :fade, 'my_div', :duration => 1.5

your browser will make an ajax request when the link is clicked, the
server will respond with some javascript which will be evaulated and
your div should fade out.

link_to_remote has three parameters, last two of which is a hash.

So do this:

<%= link_to_remote(“Do Magic”, { :url => { :action => “DoMagic” } },
{:style=>“background-color: #0e0;”}) %>

(last parameter is the html_options)