Problem with IRB keyboard mappings on Windows running Rails Installer

Hello all,

I'm having a problem setting up the Rails Installer package under
Windows - when IRB has been fired up, it seems to zap the default
keyboard mappings which breaks the backspace function.

It's appearing in the console as what I think is a Crtl-D character -
or at least, it's displaying as <-[D. IRB also seems to have lost the
Crtl-H backspace mapping as well, although both are working fine
outside of the IRB console.

Has anyone come across this - or even better, come across a fix?

TIA, Tim

Hi Tim,

A couple of questions:

1. What versions of Windows and ruby are you running?
2. Did you install ruby using the Ruby Installer (http:// If so, which version?



Hi Mike,

It's Windows XP on (I think) SP2, and the latest version of
RailsInstaller - so 1.8.7-p330. Unfortunately I've not got control of
the machines themselves - it's a University lab, so the deployments
are done through some kind of centralised system.

Rgds, Tim