Problem with ferret and fixtures:load

I use acts_as_ferret to my business model, and it work very well in
development env.
However, the problem is when I try to rake db:fixtures:load, it always
show an errors

"Mysql::Error: Unknown column 'log_file' in 'field list': INSERT INTO
`businesses` (`city`, `address1`, `updated_at`, `zip`, `logo`,
`busname`, `id`, `lng`, `log_file`, `port`, `description`, `fax`,
`phone`, `first_name`, `host`, `lat`, `last_name`, `log_level`,
`pid_file`, `created_at`, `state`, `email`) VALUES ('New York', '106
Bayard St', '2008-08-26 14:28:47', 10013, 'tonys_pizza_logo', 'Tony\'s
Pizza', 569266725, -74.008878, 'log/ferret_server.log', 9010, 'The
best place to get pizza!', '7776662222', '8887772222', 'Tony',
'localhost', 40.72092, 'DiMaggio', 'warn', 'log/',
'2008-08-26 14:28:47', 'NY', '')"

My business schema does not have any one log_file, host, port,
pid_file, log_level. (I belive these field come from ferret), I think
that ferret trying to put this filed into the database with the
object. does any one know how to fix this problem. Inaddtion, the
following code is in my business model

class Business < ActiveRecord::Base

acts_as_ferret :fields=>[ :coupon_title, :busname], :ferret=>{:or_default=>true}

has_many :coupons


def coupon_title
return coupons.collect{|c| c.title}.uniq.join(' ')


I finally solved this and this is the stupidest bug that I have ever

The problem is that my businesses fixture have function to generate data

  username: business1
  encrypted_password: Business.encrypt_password(password)

that function cause fixture gone wild with ferret and cause the error

after I remove and put the raw password everything work fine.

noelnoelu wrote:

I actually had the same problem, and removing all functions that
generated data did not help. With some tracing, I think the problem is
causing by some threading issue. But anyway, I modified (after making
the file writable) fixtures.rb (on my machine in

I changed the line
@connection.insert_fixture(fixture, @table_name)


    @connection.insert_fixture(fixture, @table_name)
     puts "ERROR in fixtures.rb: failed to insert fixture
#{fixture.to_s} into #{@table_name.to_s}"

The error message gets generated once, but now it does not stop loading
my fixtures.

A real solution would of course be better. But after a day of struggling
I gotta get back to doing productive things


Nat Amontananuban wrote: