Problem with creating custom generator


I’m trying to create a new generator class in my .rails/generators directory. Everything appears to be setup correctly but when I run ruby script/generate the generator doesn’t appear in the list. I’m running on Windows XP with Rails 2.0.2. My rails install is working fine (several apps running locally).

Some details.

  • Home directory: C:\Documents and Settings\hwagner
  • Generator: blog_scaffold
  • Directory exists: C:\Documents and Settings\hwagner.rails\generators\blog_scaffold
  • USAGE file is there (no extension)
  • blog_scaffold_generator.rb exists with: class BlogScaffoldGenerator < Rails::Generator::NamedBase

When I run: ruby script/generate blog_scaffold I get:

Couldn’t find ‘blog_scaffold’ generator

I’m stumped, any ideas?