Problem with cookie-based sessions

Having just switched to cookie-based sessions, I find that the action_controller/session/cookie_store.rb methods are not marshalling/ unmarshalling my session data correctly.

Apparently the cookie has some escaped characters "%0A&" that cause a line break.

When unmarshal is called on the cookie it only sees the part up until those characters, when it is expecting to get the entire string which includes the "--" placed there by the code in marshal, I guess because of the "first" command in read cookie:

   # Read the session data cookie.     def read_cookie       @session.cgi.cookies[@cookie_options['name']].first     end

I've put up a pastie of the debug code and the cookies being set at

If anyone has any ideas or solutions, I'd be much obliged.

John Devine

Never mind -- I was too hasty in edge. This was fixed by changeset 6200. Thanks Bitsweat!