Problem with calendar_date_select

Hi all,

I´m using the calendar_date_select plugin to display date fields in a more fashion way.When executing in Webrick everything goes fine,but if I try to deploy my app in Tomcat i´m facing the following issue:

In my base.rhtml view I have the following: <%= calendar_date_select_includes nil, :locale=>'pt'%>

Tomcat complains about it: undefined method `calendar_date_select_includes' for #<ActionView::Base:0x86efbc>

If I remove the line in base.rhtml I can run my app,but obviously my date components won´t work as expected.How can I solve this?

Regards, Rafael Roque

You know, sometimes it takes more than an hour for people to get to your question.

It looks like either the gem isn't installed on your Tomcat server or Tomcat is having trouble finding it.