Problem with activeStorage Blob on upgrade from to 6.1

in the ActiveStorage::Blob class on the initialization we have

after_initialize do
      self.service_name ||=

but the self.service_name does not exist

my guess is that I have miss some migrations step on the upgrade ?

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Looks like added a new column. You could use a migration like this

Hi @ghiculescu, thanks for the heads up

as stated on the PR the command to update is rails active_storage:update

will try this, hoping to not blow up my previous images :smiley:

You should be fine! It looks like the task just adds these migrations.

yup , it works , just wondering what will happen with the already uploaded files

I’ve created a PR for the documentation on release notes


You should be fine. I just did this on one of my sites. The images were preserved. However, I belive the variants will need to be regenerated, because I think the stucture of the path have changed. On 6.1 the variant paths are similar to original image paths. They are now relatively short random strings.

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