problem using build with has_many :through relationship

Hello all, I'm having problems creating a new record with has_many :through My application is quite complicated so I'll try to explain it as easy as I can.

I have a many to many relationship with Projects, IRBs and Reviews. Where reviews is the joined model.

In the new project view, I have a link (add IRB). This will add an a list of IRBs to the new project form. I have visited a Railscast(#73-75) similar to this. The difference is I need to search for an IRB# first. Therefore when use the link it will open a jQuery UI dialog box. Within the dialog, I have a search bar for 'irbs'. When a search is implemented, the results appear in the dialog box. Each result has a 'irb#, title and a link "add IRB" This link will add/create the association in the Reviews model.

I have setup everything up similar to a Railscast (163. Self-Referential Association) but when I click the 'Add IRB', I get a "undefined method `reviews' for #<Array:0x10322cbb8>" error.

My project, irb and review models.

- project model - class Project < ActiveRecord::Base   has_many :reviews   has_many :irbs, :through => :reviews end

-irb model - class Irb < ActiveRecord::Base   # Relationships   has_many :reviews   has_many :projects, :through => :reviews end

- review model - class Review < ActiveRecord::Base   belongs_to :irb # foreign key - irb_id   belongs_to :project # foreign key - project_id end

- reviews_controller - class ReviewsController < ApplicationController   def create     @review = :irb_id => params[:id] )     if       flash[:notice] = "IRB added."       redirect_to new_project_path     else       flash[:error] = "Unable to add IRB."       redirect_to new_project_path     end   end

  def destroy     @review =[:id])     @review.destroy     flash[:notice] = "IRB Removed."     redirect_to new_project_path   end


Here's the partial to which the "Add IRB" link is. - _searchresults.html.erb - <% content_for :head do %>   <%= stylesheet_link_tag 'dialog' %> <% end %>

<table class="searchResults">       <tr><th colspan="7">IRB Search Results</th></tr>       <tr>         <th>IRB ID</th>         <th>Title</th>         <th>PI Full Name</th>         <th>Actions</th>       </tr>       <% @irbs.each do |irb| %>       <tr id='<%= %>'>           <td><%=h irb.IRB %></td>           <td><%=h truncate(irb.Title, :length => 30) %></td>           <td><%=h irb.PI_Full_Name %></td>           <td><%= link_to 'Add IRB', reviews_path, :id =>, :method => :post %></td>       </tr>       <% end %> </table> <%= will_paginate @irbs %>

Thank you for any advice or help with this.


def create @review = :irb_id => params[:id] )

this and

def destroy @review =[:id])

this look weird - Project does not have a reviews method - instances of it do. Especially in the first case you want to be getting an appropriate instance of project first and then do on it