Problem passing id to another model

I have a rails application that models a house. house contains rooms and rooms have nested attributes for light and small_appliance. I have a calculator controller, which is how end users will access the application.

My problem is that I can't get the partial for adding rooms to submit correctly from calculator. The initial page lets the user enter house information, which is saved using save_house when submit is clicked. This also redirects the user to the add_rooms page, where they can add rooms to the house.

add_rooms displays correctly, but when I click submit, I get this error:

Well from a cursory glance of your form, @house is nil because nowhere do you pass an :id parameter, so you end up doing @house = House.find (nil) If I'm reading correctly the first time the form is rendered you're in the add_room action so house ends up being derived from params[:room] [:house_id] but in add_rooms @house is retrieved differently.


Hi Ryan,

The problem is you have't actually passed the house id to the room because <p>House id is <%= %></p>

just displays the house id to that page. But it won't be submitted with the form If I am getting right you have a relationship in house model like has_many :rooms

ok Let me explain that to get the house id in controller the must be submitted to the controller You can do this by two ways

1. Submitting via hidden field use <%= hidden_field :house_id%>

Note to get this running it must be set when building new room object build using OR =>

If this one didn't work contact me at or

I'll tell you a second solution.

Thanks pankaj88, that worked nicely.