Problem Logging in to site with two names

I have a wierd website setup, because my boss doesn't want to change
who hosts our email server.

My website is hosted on site5, and has a domain name registered with
them ( is registered somewhere else and resolves to

When I try to login to I have no problems.
When I try to login to, I get an error from the
verify_authenticity_token method.

I'm pretty sure I'm getting this because the session isn't being
loaded from the request, becuase I need to set some configuration in
config.action_controller.session = { in my environment.rb file.

I use :active_record_store

I've tried digging around in the abstract_store.rb file to see if I
could just hardcode something into the load! method so that it would
make sure to load authenticity_token from the request into the

def load!
            stale_session_check! do
              id, session = @by.send(:load_session, @env)
              (@env[ENV_SESSION_OPTIONS_KEY] ||= {})[:id] = id
              @loaded = true

Any suggestions would be great.

I'm not entirely sure what you mean in your setup by "
resolves to". Depending on the setup, my first guess would
be that your cookies aren't getting resolved properly.

--Matt Jones