Problem loading YAML files and using pluralize method in Rails3rc


I just upgraded my rails app from rails3.0.0beta4 to rails3.0.0rc and
I'm having problems loading a yaml file. I have a load_config.rb in
the initializers folder which loads a yaml file. The basic loading
code is:

FACEBOOK_CONFIG = YAML.load_file(File.join(Rails.root, 'config',

This stopped working when I moved to rails3rc. FACEBOOK_CONFIG returns

Also, I have a pluralize method in one of my views, which worked right

<%= pluralize(post.comments.size, 'comment') %>

Now, I'm getting a:

uninitialized constant Post::Comment

Can anyone help me sort these two problems?

I figured out the solution for the YAML problem. RAILS_ENV has changed
to Rails.env. I changed it and it work. I still have problems with the
pluralize method though.

Any help is appreciated