Problem in Getting Records one by one

Hi All,

Here is the code I am using

<%= periodically_call_remote :update => “news_div”, :url => { :action => “get_news”}, :frequency => “5” %>

this is my method get_news

def get_news
@news = News.find(:all, :conditions => [“status => ?”, “Active”], :order => “created_at DESC”, :limit => 5)


<% for news in @news %>
<%= news.title %>
<% end %>

I want results to be displayed one by one not all at a time. What to do? I am stuck here, please help.

I don’t know the correct solution. But you are fetching 5 records, therefore, it will display all of them. You can use javascript effects to generate some effects or fetch 1 record at a time.

BTW, hope you know that some new items may not be displayed if rate of generation of new news items is more than the limit in your find condition (ie, 5)