Problem generating scaffold with a namespace

I'm trying to generate a scaffold based on a model in a namespace and
I would like the controller to have a similar namespace.

Am I thinking that scaffold should be doing something it doesn't or is
this a bug?

rails version: 1.2.3
ruby version: 1.8.5
OS: OS X 10.4.10

Created a model using

script/generate model Foo::Bar

creates the model bar.rb in the model/foo directory and the migration
for table foo_bars
and migrated to generate the table in the DB

script/generate scaffold Foo::Bar Foo::Bar

-- responds "try creating a table for your model (Foo::Bar)

if I try

script/generate scaffold FooBar Foo::Bar

creates the controller structure correctly (controllers/foo/
bar_controller.rb) but adds the dependency model