Problem finding method while testing a helper

I'm trying to test the code in my helpers, using the great Viget Labs helper_me_test plugin. However, I'm running into an oddity (unrelated to the plugin - it was happening when I was trying to roll my own solution as well).

Here are snippets of the relevant code:

Basically, the ApplicationController defines a current_user method, that returns a RackLdap object.

The helper I'm testing is calling that method.

This works fine when the app is running. But when I try to test, it seems like it's trying to call ApplicationHelperTest::current_user instead of ApplicationController::current_user, and dying.

Any suggestions on how I can get past this? I've been staring at it for a couple of days and am stumped.


You could simply stub current_user method to return you a valid user
object (see or

Would I stub ApplicationHelperTest::current_user?