Problem converting time to date..


In my application in a @Schedule.begins_at object I have this value
"Fri Feb 01 03:30:00 +0530 2008"
In my view file i need this to be displayed as 3:30 AM
But in my Schedules table begins_at field is datetime..
While creating i did like
@schedule.begins_at = DateTime.Parse(@schedule.begins_at)
During Edit i need the reverse of this i need "3:30 AM" form this time
value "Fri Feb 01 03:30:00 +0530 2008"
How to convert this..

Thanks in advance..

I think it will work once you convert it to time object
using ."to_time" helper method. though i have not tested it due to
time constraints...

Ratnavel Sundaramurthi wrote: