Preventing newer versions from hosing rails apps

I am starting a new rails app and want to use ActiveResource. This
requires that I use edge rails, so I froze it to edge. However, after
this, the environment would not load, throwing a NoMethodError for
"options" on array.

I did some searching and found someone suggesting updating gems when
confronted with this error. I did so and the error went away. However,
updating the gems also pulled in rails- and this has broken
my other apps.

All of these other apps have the RAILS_GEM_VERSION constant set to
1.2.3 in environment.rb. It appears that the rails initializer thinks
that is the same as 1.2.3... which is definitely not true.

Any ideas much appreciated,


Whoops... for the subject of this I meant "Preventing new versions *of
gems* from hosing rails apps.


Figured this out... posting it for folks struggling with this down the
line (though considering the solution, it must have been there in the
archives somewhere... I even remember doing it a while back!).

Just use RAILS_GEM_VERSION="" instead of "1.2.3". The ".0"
forces the initializer to ignore any later "beta" versions.