preventing auto-save of related model objects

How do you prevent Rails from saving many-to-many updates on a model object?

I have an edit page for a model object which has a table on it represented by a has-many relationship. Each table row consists of a label and a series of checkboxes. I am trying to allow the user to add/remove rows from this table (using AJAX), but then either Cancel or Save the updates along with the rest of the info on the page.

Whenever the AJAX calls update the backing model, the relationships are saved in the database rather than held in memory. Is there a way to prevent this, or enable some sort of transaction across http requests, that can rollback in the case of a cancel?

Or is there a better way to accomplish this?


  • chopper

Transactions across http requests would be a bad thing. How do you
guarantee commit/rollback happens, prevent records from being locked
indefinately or records from being updated before commit/rollback?

I'm not a ruby expert but I am working on a similar problem and I
posted a question about this 2 weeks ago and got no responses.

I am interested to see how you are handling the many to many in your
rhtml and controller.

If you post your rhtml file and the relevent controller functions I
may be able to help.