Presenting a grouped list of objects from STI


I have been following the STI example in AWDWR and have a question about
presenting the output.

I want to output a list of Person objects that are grouped by their

I have an array of all the Person objects and I would like the output to
be as follows.

Employee x3
<li>Employee 1</li>
<li>Employee 2</li>
<li>Employee 3</li>
Manager x2
<li>Manager 1</li>
<li>Manager 2</li>
... etc

What is the best method for building the output in the view? Should I
use acts_as_list or tree? You'll notice I also want to have the count
for each type. Is there a built in way to do this or should I hack
something together?

I would just pull each group out separately in the controller:

  @employees = Employee.find(:all)
  @managers = Manager.find(:all)

It's then simple to count and list them out in the view.