Prawn (PDF in Ruby) BoF at RailsConf?

Hey folks,

Unfortunately I'm not at RailsConf but if there are enough people interested in PDF generation in Ruby / Rails, please consider using the BoF sessions or some other time to get together and share thoughts about how PDF generation in Ruby can be better, and then have someone post notes from your discussions to the Prawn mailing list[0].

There are already a bunch of folks watching Prawn's development on github, and I've already got a bunch of helpful contributions in the form of code and sample PDFs. If we could keep that momentum up, that'd be great.

So, if someone could head up a little Prawn discussion in my absence, that'd be excellent. Keep in mind that because of the Ruby Mendicant project[2], I am working on Prawn as my primary responsibility until September, so this is a unique opportunity to get someone to possibly work on things you want for free. :slight_smile:

If someone at RailsConf wants to set a meeting up, and it's at a time where I'm around, I'd be happy to hop on IRC or phone in to chat about the project, so email me if you're interested in doing that.

Have fun at conf, those who are there.


[0] [1] [2] O'Reilly Media - Technology and Business Training