[PR] #PgEast schedule up!

The PostgreSQL Conference East is in NYC this year and the schedule has
just been published. As a note there is a full day RoR class happening
at the conference.

March 08, 2011: Celebrating 15 years of PostgreSQL, early.

Following on the smashing success of PostgreSQL Conference West,
The PostgreSQL Conference for Developers, End Users and Decision Makers,
is being held at the Hotel Pennsylvania, in New York City from March
22nd through 25th 2011. Please join us in continuing to make this the
largest PostgreSQL Conference series!

Register: https://www.postgresqlconference.org/register
Schedule: https://www.postgresqlconference.org/

Media Registration:

Thank you to our sponsors:

EnterpriseDB : http://www.enterprisedb.com/
10Gen : http://www.10gen.com/
Braintree : http://www.braintreepaymentsolutions.com/
Continuent : http://www.continuent.com/
Credativ : http://www.credativ.com/
Enova Financial : http://www.enovafinancial.com
OpenSCG : http://www.openscg.com/
2ndQuadrant : http://www.2ndquadrant.com/
OmniTI : http://www.omniti.com/
OpenHosting : http://www.openhosting.com/
SQL Manager : http://www.sqlmanager.net
This year we will be continuing our trend of covering the entire
PostgreSQL ecosystem as well as bringing in some friends from a slightly
different world, NoSQL. 10gen, the creators of MongoDB are running a
track through the entire three days and also hosting a full day training
on their database!

"MongoDB is emerging as an alternative and complementary database to
established technologies like PostgreSQL. We are very excited to be
hosting the MongoDB track at Pg East, and hope that our respective
open source communities can learn from one another," stated Roger
Bodamer EVP, Products and Engineering at 10gen.

We look forward to seeing you there!