PR for new date time methods `on_or_before?` and `on_or_after?`

Hoping to get the PR review from the Rails Core Team on this Add on or before and on or after datetime comparisons by martinechtner · Pull Request #45595 · rails/rails · GitHub the PR has been open for 23 days now.

Thank you!

Hoping to get someone from the Rails team to review this please. #activesupport

I certainly don’t speak for the Rails core team but as a user of Rails I don’t find any value in any of these methods (one proposed or existing ones in Rails). I think using regular comparison operators are more obvious:

if some_date.before? another_date


if some_date < another_date

That being said, since the before? and after? methods are already in Rails I guess it makes sense to duplicate the <= and >= methods as well with more verbose English-like names. You just won’t find me using them as >= and <= are just more obvious to me, TMTOWTDI.

Thank you for the feedback!

Interested in what the Rails core team has to say as well.