postgres geometric types support

I've been trying to get rails to work successfully with the native geometric
types in postgres (point, box, etc), but out of the box rails dumbs these down
to string types. This means that when rake creates my test database, it converts
geometric typed columns to string types, meaning tests which utilise geometric
functions blow up as they are now dealing with strings in the underlying database.

I managed to get around this with two changes in the ruby postgres adapter, and
one in the active record schema_definitions file:

In postgresql_adapter.rb I added definitions for the geometric types to
"native_database_types", and I uncommented the line which handles these types (interesting
that it was there) in "translate_field_type".

In the active record file schema_definitions.rb I added clauses to handle these
types to "simplified_type".

I don;t know if these was a better or nicer way I should have done this .....

Placing this:

config.active_record.schema_format = :sql

in your environment would solve your test database problems.

Tiago Macedo

Jon Smillie wrote: