Possible to have a model named 'Application'?

Just wondering if it's possible to have a model named Application in rails 2.0. It seems to be blowing up when I try, and I'm wondering if there's a workaround. Thanks!

Probably asking for trouble seeing as application_controller lives in application.rb (for (from what I gather) largely historical reasons.


A model named Application is going to map, by default, to a controller named application_controller. And that name's already taken. You can work around it if you really want to, but you'll find it a lot easier to just name your model something else. MyApplication, InHouseApplication, etc.

HTH, Bill

Can't he use a named route without any problems?

I'd pass on using Application as a model name. I'd become familiar with the conventions of Rails and make sure that I didn't name any models Application or Layout for starters

averageyeo@gmail.com wrote:

Might work, but it's gonna be trouble-prone. Rails is convention-based. The conventions are 'baked-in'. Unscramble an egg :wink: