possible to extend (not overwrite) a plugin method?


Is it possible to extend a plugin method?

In a class that uses a plugin which already defines, say, a
before_create method,
is it possible to extend this before_create so the code in the plugin's
method is also invoked ? Something in effect like calling super in an
inherited class' overwriting method. I suppose this is either easy
with some less-known syntax, which I haven't found, or this is
impossible currently (I know it's not a biggie to copy over the code
from the plugin method, but...)


I agree that subclasses are better when possible. That said, if you
do have to alias and chain, use alias_method_chain to keep it cleaner:


- Rob

Thanks Alex! Unfortunately the plugin offers mixin methods, such as
one of those acts_as_... plugins.... So, there is no class I can
subclass from.

What a wicked double alias.... This is oddly cool in a way....

Thanks Rob! Pretty cool.

So glad to know advanced RoR'ers out there like you and Alex.