Possible to apply layouts on pages in public folder

Is it possible to apply a layout to rhtml files in the public folder?

These files are essentially static.

I am trying to avoid having to create blank actions/methods for each html files.

render :file => "path/file", :layout => true
should do that

it would expect an erb file, but should work with pure html, too
if not, then
render :inline => ...
render :text =>
would do it, but you would have to load the file and hand it's content
to the renderer

anyway, you would not have to create any actions or methods for that,
you could just put the content into a partial

Sorry about my inexperience - where do you suggest to put the line

render :file => "path/file", :layout => true

When I try to add the line

<% render :file => "my_path/my_file.erb", :layout => true %>

at the top of my page - called "index.rhtml"

I get a routing error:

no route found to match "/index.rhtml" with {:method=>:get}