Hello all.

Looked through "polymorphic_url" method (used by "form_for", "redirect_to" and other helpers) and observed that is no way to use it with any of non-resource parameters. I.e if we got

resources :users, :scope => "/:somestring"

in our routes.rb config, that generates user_path(@user, { :somestring => "brazil" }) linked to http://site.com/brazil/users/1 it fails i.e. "form_for @user" and "redirect_to @user", cause it calls method user_path(@user) without :somestring

and if we write "form_for [{ :somestring => "brazil" }, @user]" it fails on "build_named_route_call" method, which trying to convert first Hash to string-part of named route method name.

Of course we have :url option fo "form_for", and we can use user_path right in "redirect_to" but it seems ugly, and there is no good way always to edit many lines of scaffolded code.

Any suggestions?