Polymorphic model path problems

I have a credentials_controller and Credential model. The Credential
model is an STI structure with a number of classes inheriting it. For

class CredWebsite1 < Credential

When I try to do the index command in the credentials controller, it
gives the error undefined method


Returns an instance of the specified klass with the attributes of the
current record. This is mostly useful in relation to single-table
inheritance structures where you want a subclass to appear as the
superclass. This can be used along with record identification in
Action Pack to allow, say, Client < Company to do something like
render :partial => @client.becomes(Company) to render that instance
using the companies/company partial instead of clients/client.

Note: The new instance will share a link to the same attributes as the
original class. So any change to the attributes in either instance
will affect the other.

In your case: link_to 'Show', credential.becomes(Credential)

You may also decide to have your controller specify the class instead,
there is probably a clean way but I don't know it off the top of my

- Daniel

Thanks! That is exactly what I was looking for. Works like a charm.