polymorphic associations

Sorry for my english if something goes wrong.
I have a model of Property

class Property <ActiveRecord:: Base
   has_many: values,: class_name => "ProductProperty"

And correspondingly ProductProperty model in which values ​​are stored.

class ProductProperty <ActiveRecord:: Base
   belongs_to: product
   belongs_to: property

Now the stored values ​​are of type String. Do I have a need to store
different types of Integer, Boolean and String. I came up just one idea
how to implement it. Add to the model Property column type. And rewrite
the method values:

def values
  case self.type
    when 'ProductPropertyString'
      ProductPropertyString.where(:property_id => self.id)
    when 'ProductPropertyBoolean'
      ProductPropertyBoolean.where(:property_id => self.id)
    when 'ProductPropertyInteger'
      ProductPropertyInteger.where(:property_id => self.id)

Maybe somebody has already faced with this challenge and how to solve it

type attribute is of which model ?? I guess it is of property model and values method wrote inside property model, right ?

ProductPropertyString, ProductPropertyBoolean, ProductPropertyInteger are these models ??

if yes, why do you need association ?
“has_many: values,: class_name => ‘ProductProperty’”

class Property <ActiveRecord:: Base
   has_many: values,: class_name => "ProductProperty"
It was in the original model.

In the amended accordingly will:
class Property <ActiveRecord:: Base
   has_many :string_values,: class_name => "ProductPropertyString"
   has_many :integer_values,: class_name => "ProductPropertyInteger"
   has_many :boolean_values,: class_name => "ProductPropertyBoolean"

But I think this solution is clumsy.