Polymorphic and Inverse_Of

Hello everyone,

Rails documentation mentions that ‘inverse_of’ associations don’t work with polymorphic associations. I searched quite a bit online but couldn’t find a good reasoning for why that is the case?

My use-case for using inverse_of is to be able to have nested models. And the (child) model that I nested, was supposed to be the polymorphic model. For example,


has_many :pages, → { order(position: :asc) }, inverse_of: :book

accepts_nested_attributes_for :pages



belongs_to :post, inverse_of: :content_sections validates :post, presence: true


Now I am going to have other models like Documents, Journals, Photo-Albums all of whom need to have Pages. This seemed to be a perfect case to make a polymorphic relationship between Page and all these other models using Pageable.

In such a case, I would like to understand why rails polymorphism doesn’t play well with inverse_of, and if there are any other solutions to solve my use-case? Should I go ahead and make my own version of rails polymorphism for this use-case?

Thank you!

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