plugin to detect two tests with same name?


I am mentally challenged. Ruby has this nice feature where a class can have two - or twenty - methods with the same name. That's a great feature, but it conflicts with another great feature of Test::Unit::TestCase. It has a built-in TestCollector. Unlike CppUnit (for example) where you must write the name of each test case, then write it again in a list.

But when we put these two Ruby features together, they suck. You have no reason to send your test cases as messages to objects, because the Test Collector will do that for you. So you have no reason to review the name. And good naming conventions (combined with clone-and-modify programming) often lead to names of test cases that collide. Then the system never tells you that you had a collision.

Has anyone written a plugin that adds to rake the ability to detect matching test cases? I'll start writing one the next time this bites me, but I'm just asking first.