[PLUGIN] acts_as_twittertasticable - Twitter for your models!

The blog post: http://evang.eli.st/blog/2007/3/16/introducing-acts_as_twittertasticable

The RDoc:

Twitter is all the rage these days, and I only have one question

Why do people get to have ALL THE FUN?!

It's time for Higher Order Models™(r)(c). Models that tell the world
what they're up to using Twitter, just like normal people.

ActsAsTwittertasticable fills this void and brings Twitter directly to
your AR models. It's super duper simple.

First off install the plugin:

ruby script/plugin install

Set up your Twitter authentication in environment.rb:

TwitterAuth.username = "my_twitter_username"
TwitterAuth.password = "my_twitter_password"

Then twitterize your model:

class Movie < ActiveRecord::Base

That's it! Unfortunately the default status message is informational,
not fun. I assume that you're more fun than me, so feel free to define
the status however you want. Again, super duper simple:

class Movie < ActiveRecord::Base

  def twitter_status
    "I'm watching #{title} starring #{star}!!"

Written by Pat Maddox. Released under the MIT License.

Mad props to my homie BJ Clark for telling me about Twitter. Yeah, I
really didn't know what it was.

Wait what's wrong with it? Did you have trouble installing or using it?


What's complicated about twitter_status?


I'm sorry, it's just that you said the callbacks were too
complicated...but there's only one callback! and I thought it's pretty
descriptive. Anyway, sorry this plugin doesn't suit you :frowning:


YES!!! We need a twist_your_testicles plugin too!!!! It could randomly
transpose your columns in your models... and occasionally if you twist it
tight enough, one of your columns could BURST!!!

  - Tyler

Well nobody else really responded, so...

this was just a joke plugin. My friend asked me if I knew what
Twitter was, I said no, he showed me, I thought it was the dumbest
thing in the world. So I spent 15 minutes writing a plugin that
posted to Twitter whenever a record was saved.

I hoped that the idea was retarded and the names absurd enough that
people would realize it.


Pat Maddox schrieb:

Yes it's for real. I was sitting in a coffee shop hyped off of three
cappuccinos on a Friday afternoon and decided to do something funny.

It's okay if you guys don't have a sense of humor.


I looked at the code and thought "What the hell is this good for?".
Figured it couldn't be something serious, especially after looking at

Didn't really see the humor in it tho, other than Mark's side of the
conversation, which seemed a bit over the top (I have a sneaking
suspicion that all that was made up as well).


Once I read what it was for, I thought it was hiarious.