Please, keep changing!

I've been reading lots of articles criticizing Rails in the last days.

I'd just like you to know there are lots of people that are actually happy with the way Rails is currently doing.

I'm one of them.

I did find very valuable all the work put in Rails 3 and I find it much better organized than before versions and I'm expecting Rails 4 to be even better.

Of course there are lots of things to be improved in Rails, specially in the documentation (I think Rails 1 documentation model was the best I've seen for Rails so far), but that doesn't mean Rails is doing it wrong.

It doesn't mean Rails 3 was a mistake. It doesn't mean Rails should be trying really hard to keep backward compatibility, since I suffer everyday working with Java APIs that were poorly designed (as the language itself) just because improving them would break backward compatibilities.

Or like having to write "$.each(function(index, element){})" in jQuery because "each" was badly designed when it was born inverting the parameters most useful order.

Reading all those articles made me think that some of you would consider those criticisms and re-evaluate the future of Rails.

So, I'm here to say that lots of other developers do support the way Rails is currently evolving and we want it to keep it in the same "rails".

Thank you very much for all effort put in its code-base.


ditto!! Good job guys!

Did you mean that Rails would keep changing or would be the same? You weren’t clear about that.

Hehe, it should be the same with regards to its philosophy of keep
changing for better instead of avoid changes due to backward
compatibilities concerns.

I’m with Rodrigo. I really appreciate all the quality work that the Rails core and each & every contributor puts into this awesome framework.

It made me very sad to see that Jose Valim, one of my programming idols, was hurt by all the FUD going around. I hope he is doing well. I just wish this didn’t happen because it’s almost as if all the haters won. :frowning:

I expect a rant/spiteful post about Rails will come by every 3-6 months. Let the haters hate. Let us continue to help keep improving this awesome framework. :slight_smile:


Rohit Arondekar