please checkout my patch for the parameterize function

Hi all,

I just submitted a small patch for the parameterize helper method. It
currently allows + signs, which are (when used in URL's) interpreted
as spaces, resulting in the following error;

ArgumentError: illegal character in key

Please check out the patch in lighthouse (for the 2-3-stable branch
and the master branch) at;

Hoping to get the patch in,


Why is your patch for 2.3-stable so huge? Are you on the edge for that particular branch?

Aaah, I was already afraid I did something wrong because the patch of
the master branch is just a few k (see also my concerns in the last
ticket post).

I did a checkout of the 2-3-stable branch and continued from there.
Can you explain me how do I take it to the edge, then I can rewrite
and resubmit the patch?



it’s already committed to rails. congrats.