piston & svn up first time

hi all,

yeah, this isn't a rails thing specifically but the piston list on rubyforge looks empty? anyhoo you guys are smart so maybe someone will know:

i've just run 'piston convert vendor/plugin' to pistonize all our plugins... this worked fine for me. the problem is other team members now trying to svn up... they all currently have copies of these plugins marked as svn:external, but now the repos says they actually belong to the project thanks to piston, and so are now in the way when svn tries to add the new plugin files.

what's the best solution here? rm -r vendor/plugins; svn cleanup; svn up ? i think we tried that and got errors... eventually a total wipe and checkout of the project works but that seems like excessive force.

thanks for your input. jeff

I *just* installed piston last night. I'm not sure why you'd get errors for rm -rf vendor/plugins, then svn up.

Can you post the error here?

Maybe... it wasn't me getting the errors :wink: I'll see if I can have them recreate it again.